I am a singer/songwriter/guitarist/keyboardist/engineer and I founded the band "GRUNTLED".
I have written about 25 songs this past year most with music.
Our genres include: alternative folk, alternative rock, oldie rock, christian folk and rock, psychedelic folk and rock, acoustic and keyboard instrumentals, etc. My friends and I have made
some professional demos either for sale or to keep as our own.
Also we do some cover recordings as well.


November 4th, 2006 + 2:11 PM  ·  GRUNTLED

I was inspired to write this song as a tribute to all the psychedelic rock of the 60's
such as "Jefferson Airplane" with "White Rabbit".

It started as a demo using an electric guitar and keyboard.
I gave it to my friend Dan Gray who had a recording studio in his house.
He has "Pro-Tools"hardware and he remixed it into the final version.

Gruntled gives you "PSCHEDELIA"

Parallel Dream

October 29th, 2006 + 9:10 PM  ·  GRUNTLED

This is something I am still working on.  I would appreciate any ideas
Hey, Puppet and amp freaks here are my droning vocals.

I am using some strange chord progressions and moveable chord types
Fell through to the otherside a passageway to another world.....
-Mark from GRUNTLED


October 29th, 2006 + 3:10 PM  ·  GRUNTLED

This is a little diddy that John and I came up with. 
John recorded the music 10 yrs. ago and when I heard it I was immediately inspired
because I knew I had lyrics to fit it.
He loved the lyrics and I made a demo of the two.
We then re-recorded all the parts on his Roland digital recorder 16 track
I took this recording and remixed it with my software and created the 320 kbps mp3.

Tell us what you think.  We give you SCHIZOPHRENIA


October 16th, 2006 + 1:10 PM  ·  GRUNTLED

This is a new song written in an alternative rock fashion but with a Christian element

Happenstance (c) 2006 by Mark Stoner and performed by Gruntled 09-14-06

A fool you will be if you leave it to chance, Nothing occurs by happenstance.
Everything we do has a sound, Cause doesn' t  just  come around.
Effect is always tied to its cause.
God' s master plan?
-Nothing occurs by happenstance

When something comes your way, Don' t think it be luck of day.
Miracles to be seen all around, Our love for Him should abound.

When things become unexplained, Loss of faith creates our pain.
May the Lord bless our possiblity - Quell our lust for iniquity.

Were not supposed to know His way -  Destiny left to Him we pray.

We pray.........ay.......ooh
We pray.........ay.......hey!

A fool you will be... If you leave it to chance...
No happenstance
A fool you will be... If you leave it to chance...
No happenstance
A fool you will be... If you leave it to chance...
No happenstance
A fool you will be... If you leave it to chance...
No happenstance
A fool you will be.......       

Living Lady Jane

October 14th, 2006 + 1:10 AM  ·  GRUNTLED

07-07-06   "_Living_Lady_Jane_"  -- by Mark Stoner      Performed by GRUNTLED

(intro)  I'd really like to know your name
           Oh living lady Jane
           The girl it shows on your face
           Emotions I long to embrace
           Living Lady Jane - a woman not tame 

(1)       Hey there, hey there, pretty baby
            I got my eye on you
            I see you on the street
            maybe by chance us two could meet
            I would really like to know your name

(chorus) Living lady Jane a woman not tame
              Life has thrown many curves at you
              Anyone else and it wouldn't be the same
              All you've been through I yearn to be near you

(bridge)  The girl within it shows on your face
              Spinning emotions I long to embrace
              Living lady Jane
              I really want to learn your name

(2)       Hey there,  hey there,  pretty baby
            I got my eye on you
            Your not like all the rest
            It could be I'll be your guest
            Will you walk with me awile

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